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Get quick answers to common questions about the ForSitePro application and working with our team.

Getting started

Is my ForSitePro Service a Month-to-Month subscription?
Pricing is provided at a monthly basis. Payments can be made quarterly or annually.
Is there a contract?
Yes. ForSitePro is available in an annual and/or multiple year subscription term.
How long does it take to implement ForSitePro?
The typical implementation takes 90 days or fewer, however, you can start using it on day one.
What is the cost to add users?
$0. ForSitePro supports unlimited user licenses and there is no per-user charge.
How many user licenses are included with my ForSitePro subscription?
ForSitePro supports unlimited user licenses and there is no per-user charge.

Features & functionality

Can I see the backup data in my reports?
Yes. Users can drill down and see LIVE data within any report.
How is data backed up?
ForSitePro data is 100% hosted on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, and data is backed up daily.
Can users set up proactive notifications and alerts for change orders and other items?
Yes. Users can configure automated impact notifications for many items tracked and managed by ForSitePro.
I send the same report to my supervisor every month. Can ForSitePro automatically send the report without me manually sending it?
Yes. Users can set up auto-delivery of any report to anyone
In what format are reports provided?
ForSitePro enables users to send a link to any report that will always display live data. Users can also create a time-stamped PDF version of any report.
What kinds of modules does ForSitePro include?
ForSitePro supports Capital Planning, Program Management, Finance Management, Project Management, and Analytics and Reporting.
Are ForSitePro’s reports customizable?
Yes. ForSitePro reports are fully customizable. Users can drag and drop real-time data to create any report. Users can also drill down and see the backup data within any report.
Can ForSitePro handle multiple funding sources?
Yes. ForSitePro’s customizable budget modules support multiple funding source tracking and management and program-wide resource allocation all in one software. You can manage any type of capital funding source such as bonds, state funds, and deferred maintenance to name a few.
What does ForSitePro’s main dashboard look like?
ForSitePro’s dashboards are completely customizable and can be customized for each user with real-time data at your fingertips.
Does the software work on multiple devices?
Yes. ForSitePro works on any device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, with responsive design the makes access easy and user-friendly no matter your platform.

Ongoing support

What types of on-site services are included with my ForSitePro subscription?
We provide onsite training, live web training, and video guides.
How often is ForSitePro updated? Do you notify customers when updates are made?
ForSitePro is regularly updated over-the-air, with updates served in real-time. Updates occur automatically and never disrupt user's sessions in the application.
What is the cost to upgrade ForSitePro?
Upgrading is simple and based on your active capital funds under management.
What type of training is provided?
We provide onsite training, live web training, and video guides.
Does the package come with support?
Customer support is available 8-5pm CST on weekdays. Priority support is available through our premium support package ForSitePro assist.

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